The Benefits of Building Early at Arca South

A new business and lifestyle district is rising south of the Metro, and you’ll want to be among the first to help it shine at its brightest. ARCA South, a 74 h.a. master-planned, mixed-used estate, starts to build the foundations for a vibrant hub of the future.  

As more and more parties are expressing their interest in establishing their commercial or residential presence in Arca South, the value of such an investment becomes harder and harder to ignore.

Here are four solid reasons why it’s best to start building early at Arca South.

Price appreciation is at a remarkably fast rate of increase.

At a press briefing in September 2017, Ayala Land Premier (ALP) managing director Joseph Carmichael Jugo highlighted how many investors expressed interest in Arca South, even during its nascent stages. He pointed to sales of Ayala Land Premier’s Arbor Lanes, Arca South’s high-end residential offering, as evidence.

“Sales of the 3.5-hectare, 5 low-rise-tower, garden-themed development has hit P3.9 billion so far this year and is up 46% compared to last year,” Jugo shared, explaining that prices increased by an average of 18% in less than a year. “It will go from strength to strength because the more we near 2019 and more of the [Arca South] development is completed, the stronger its pull will be.”

Arca South is set to become the next BGC — and accessibility is one of its top priorities.

Unsurprisingly, Arca South is currently shaping up to be the more affordable version of another popular Ayala project: Bonifacio Global City, or BGC.

With a target audience that includes young couples in their late 30s and foreigners, the future of Arca South as “the next BGC” certainly looks promising. It will only be a few minutes from NAIA, Makati City, and BGC, thanks to the Philippine government’s plans of creating a direct link from the Skyway and extending the C5 and C6 highways.

Arca South will become more accessible thanks to upcoming government-initiated projects: the Southeast Metro Manila Expressway (C6) and Taguig Integrated Terminal Exchange (Taguig ITX). The Southeast Metro Manila Expressway (C6) Project is a a toll road project with approximately 34.024 kilometers that is intended to run from Skyway-FTI in Taguig City to Batasan Complex in Quezon City. The Taguig ITX project has broken ground in Q1 2018. It is a public-private partnership (PPP) project that aims to connect provincial buses to auxiliary modes of transportation in the Metro Manila area to areas such as Laguna and Batangas. Both government-initiated projects are targeting to launch by 2020.

Many development projects are already underway, and are set to be completed in 2019.

Here’s a handful of examples of what Arca South has in store for its target market in terms of current development projects:

  1. Three residential projects offering contemporary home options;
  2. Six office buildings tailored for use by companies in the BPO industry, each with 15,000 sqm of leasable space;
  3. Ayala Land’s very own Seda Hotel, which will have 265 rooms; and
  4. A mall and lifestyle complex with 72,000 sqm of leasable space.

As early as now, opportunities are springing up for both industries, as both residential and commercial investments are mutually beneficial to one another. With residential projects such as Arbor Lanes, The Veranda, and Avida Towers One Union Place taking shape, now is the right time to position your business and take advantage of the inevitable growth of the potential customer base at Arca South.

A more powerful strategy is being followed now: All key anchors have begun construction, instead of just establishing residential buildings first.

During the establishment of BGC, a specific approach was adopted: Residential buildings were erected first before malls and commercial developments. Now, however, Arca South will be following a different strategy.

Alongside the aforementioned residential areas, commercial buildings and institutions will also be built simultaneously. Among these are the Arca South Corporate Center for business, Ayala Malls Arca South for entertainment and leisure and the AANI Weekend Market.

Now that you’ve seen the benefits of building early at Arca South, it’s time to take action. Contact us, and let’s talk about how you can be part of this brand-new, ambitious, and absolutely promising development effort.

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