How Eco-Friendly Living is Possible Down South


With environmental awareness on the rise—and the call for nature conservation becoming louder, now more than ever—it’s no surprise that eco-friendly living is rising to the top of everyone’s list of priorities.

And now, thanks to the unwavering commitment of concerned individuals and corporations such as Ayala Land, Inc. (ALI), eco-friendly living has been made possible, even at the heart of a growing, busy city.

Eco-Friendly Living Down South

For eco-friendly living to be possible within a certain location, three conditions must be present:

  • Consideration towards preserving the environment;
  • Respect for the immediate surroundings; and
  • Comfortable accommodations.

This is typically achieved by allocating a segment of space in a city or a smaller residential community (such as a subdivision) towards building sanctuaries, parks, or green open spaces that reduce pollution, raise awareness about nature, and facilitate fitness activities. Such areas typically have walkways or bike lanes to encourage people to make healthier travel choices.

Green spaces

Arca South, in particular, focuses on making sure that there are ample green spaces in its 74-hectare, mixed-use-development area to make eco-friendly living possible. Designed to be both a commercial and residential hub, Arca South offers all the necessary amenities that we’ve come to expect from such living environments, without sacrificing the core principles and requirements of eco-friendly living.

Alternative transportation

Aside from the aforementioned green areas, Arca South spotlights alternative means of transportation for its occupants. Biking enthusiasts will love the fact that there are bike lanes all throughout the property, encouraging people to leave their car keys at home and just enjoy the cool wind in their faces as they pedal to and from their offices or favorite establishments. Aside from that, there are also public transport stops and abundant walkways, making sure that numerous safe travel options exist for the health-conscious commuter.

Eco-friendly venues for guilt-free fitness and entertainment

There’s also Arca Main Street, which has all the environment and fitness amenities you could ever want in a residential development area. The eco-friendly space features an interactive park where you can relax and enjoy with your family on weekends, as well as a central event area that allows easy access to various integral establishments in Arca South. It also has a fitness park and an urban promenade, ensuring that you’ll never run out of things to spot and activities to do.

Cool living space

The residential areas of Arca South were purposely designed for eco-friendly living. Aside from being at strategic locations and offering breathtaking views of the green amenities in Arca South, the residences are mindfully designed, with windows that allow easy access for both air and sunshine. The difference in each living space is noticeable, even without turning on an air conditioning unit; it’s a cool design, literally and figuratively.


The Eco Hub

A recently published article revealed the newest phase in ALI’s long-term eco-friendly plans.

As part of ALI’s commitment towards carbon neutrality by 2022, it recently established an Eco Hub facility in Arca South, where discarded plastic materials are given new life and prepared for use in ALI’s other construction initiatives. And with over 35,000 tons of garbage generated in the country on a daily basis—95% of which is recyclable—this initiative could not have come at a better time.  

ALI partnered with Green Antz Builders to establish the Hub. There, various kinds of plastic waste (such as single-use sachets, bottles, and other small items) are washed, shredded, and repurposed as construction materials. These materials come from Ayala Land properties’ Materials Recovery Facilities (MRF) in various cities.

Having the Eco Hub in Arca South sets a good example for the community. This not only encourages people to segregate their plastic waste, but also assures them that their efforts actually do have an impact.

Do your part in saving the environment for future generations. Make eco-friendly living part of YOUR priority list. Contact us today.